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Lee Barringer is the owner & founder of  An online education and training resource center, providing subject matter that focuses on the value of what we do, - and why we do it.

​Motivational, empathetic and often using humor to communicate and implement change, Lee will help your organization engage in  topics that

will transition funeral directors into funeral educators. ​The bereaved  are often seeking permission to mourn in a way that is meaningful to them,

this transition happens when met by educated staff that see the value in

the services they provide.

This year as you plan for the educational needs of your organization,

I encourage you to  join us and remain funeral- smart.


Lee Barringer is a licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer, Celebrant Speaker, Subject Matter Expert, Consultant, Instructor and a contributing author to Funeral Trade Magazines. He has worked in the funeral profession since 1988, in both the corporate and private sector.

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